Saturday, April 30, 2011

Race Envy

So....I haven't posted in a while.  Okay.  A long while.  And a lot has happened since the last time I did.  You see, a couple friends and I started "running" about a year ago.  A minute at first, then three, then before you knew it, we were running for 10 minutes none stop.  Now, this may not seem like much but for me it was a victory.  I've never been able to run....unless something was chasing me.  I've made a lot of progress to say the least.

A month ago, I ran my first 5K race and I had a blast.  My numbers?  Well, I'm trying not to dwell on those, but if you must know, I finished in the middle of my age group with a time of around 30:06.  But, considering I've always run on a treadmill, afraid of the road, didn't walk and no one had to give me mouth-to-mouth, I say I kicked that race's ass!

Today, I had a strange thing happen to me today.  I got up early....on a Saturday, and ran 4 miles to get ready for my second race.  Outside.  With Hills.  For those that know me know that this is a personal best and I did it in 38 minutes.  I'm kind of proud of myself.  I came home and got ready to go on an easy hike with my husband and step-daughter.  On our way, we passed runners.  Lots of them.  Turns out there was a 5K race in town today.  I looked at them and I had a wave of different emotions run through me.

I wanted to join them!  WHAAA????  I know, crazy.  But I wanted to run.  Not to try to beat them, just to run with them.  I was jealous!  I was jealous I was in the car.  Then I was happy.  I was so happy seeing people do what I'm now actually learning to enjoy.  I can't quite describe it.  And then I said out loud "that's okay, my race is next weekend."  Kevin didn't quite know what I was talking about, but I did, and I felt content.

So, I think my blog will now become a journal of sorts on this adventure of my re-discovery.  I'm changing, inside and out and wondering where it all will lead.  Next weekend, I hope it will lead to a 29.59 5K ;-)