Saturday, December 6, 2008


Okay everyone -
see if you can find me on t.v. today

Davidson vs. NC State
December 6, 2008
Time Warner Cable Arena

Televised on Fox Sports South


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top 10 as She Sees 'Em

Welcome to the first edition of seriously hope's Top 10 as she sees 'em!

This week's edition:

The Top 10 Reasons Why People (like me) Don't Write on their Blogs

10) We are actually earning our paychecks instead of writing sarcastic comments on our blogs. Can we get paid to write sarcastic comments instead??? That would be SWEET.

9) Too busy playing the Never-ending Movie Quiz on Facebook.

8) Forgot our log in to Blogspot due to lack of use.

7) Grey's Anatomy Withdrawal (during the writer's strike). This is a very serious condition. If afflicted, you must seek professional help at your local tavern immediately.

6) Grieving for the cancellation of Deadwood.

5) Imagination dysfunction

4) Fear - People may discover our talent and are afraid the fame will go straight to our heads.

3) Serious addiction to Netflix.

2) Short term memory loss - forgot we started a blog....

1) Does anyone really read this stupid thing?

Friday, July 11, 2008

This Just In.......

My fellow TV're not going to believe this! Scott Bakula is back on the tube!!!

According to, TNT has cast him along side Ray Romano and Andre Braugher in a new drama Men of a Certain Age.

The top 5 reasons I will give this show a chance

1) I am in love with Scott Bakula
2) Ray Romano. In a drama? Very interesting....
3) It's time the "Everyone" loves someone Scott Bakula
4) Ziggy is bound to make a cameo apperance
5) Sinbad may come back for a football reunion???

For more on their scoop, visit

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's still a Great Day to be a Wildcat

so, there weren't any honking horns on my way home tonight. There should have been. Wildcats came within two points. With other Elite 8 blow outs that occured last night and tonight, we only came within two. Just ten more seconds......that's all we needed for a three or to force the game into overtime, and then it would have been ours. What other defeated Elite 8 team can say that? NONE. Hell of a game from our boys in Red. I couldn't be prouder, a little sad I have to admit, but PROUD.

I have never cried at the end of a basketball game until tonight. Only because they deserved to win and I feel bad that Jason, Thomas, and Boris's collegiate career had to end tonight. But did us proud. I hope you can remember and take with you the inspiration you had given those who didn't have any, and gave us all a dream we could believe in, and still can for time to come. THE MAJ-S-T (and B for Bryant!)'ve given me the hope and inspiration that I have lacked for a very long time.

YOU Can do ALL things!!!!

I hope they make them eat their words.

Kansas Jayhawks....blah blah blah. Picked to win by 10 blah blah blah.

Okay, so I'm supposed to be studying for my class tomorrow night, but I just can't seem to tear my eyes of the tv or my fingers off the blogs and the news. I keep looking at the clock, counting down the hours, the minutes, yes the seconds until tip off. I don't claim to know much about basketball, but I know enough to get by. But what I do know is that you CAN NOT dismiss this Davidson Team.

I've been watching this stupid, yes stupid, CBS College Sports show all morning. They had highlights from Saturday's games, of course everyone is in love with Tyler Hansbrough; they had a big interview with Memphis on tonight's match up with Texas; and here I am, eyes glued waiting for our game breakdown, Davidson vs. jayhawks....

You know what I saw? About 2 lousy minutes with a bunch of Kansas vs. Villanova clips. Haven't they figured it out yet? Have they not learned anything????? 8 seed down, 2 seed down, 3 seed down.......

Kansas Jayhawks......blah blah blah

Time for me to done on my "It's a great day to be a Wildcat shirt", my red hat. Get ready for dinner at Grandma's (her "dinner" is lunchtime. Being from the north, it took me awhile to understand that....) and then I'm gone to grab my seat front and center at the Brickhouse Tavern. If you're in town...stop by and say hello, (I might let you buy me a beverage!) and understand what makes the College, the Town and Davidsonians so great!!!

GO 'CATS!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I knew Wildcats liked to eat Badgers......

Wisconsin Who? and Where is that exactly? Who knows. Who cares? Not I.

I just witnessed the most fantastic basketball game of all time. And if people don't know where Davidson is now, or have an idea of what Davidson College is all about, then I pity you. I wish you could have been with me on my way home from the Brickhouse Tavern. I wish you could hear all the horns honking. I was one of them. I saw people walking down the street. I didn't know who they were, but I saw them wearing Davidson red and I knew. I honked my horn, hand out the window, and you know what? They screamed and waved back. That is what is so special about this town and this TEAM. They are bringing a close knit town even closer. It feels like we are on the court with them, we feel, we scream. Hell, you would think that crowd at the Brick was there in Detroit. Screaming, "Lets Go Wildcats", "DAV-ID-SON"!!!! I wish you could have been there. I don't think I have ever been a part of something so special, so amazing, so inspiring. Davidson Darlings? Cinderella Story? Glass Slipper? None of those fit, because this team deserves to be there. better run 'cause I'm not sure you can stop JAMST Express. Jason, Andrew, Max, Stephen and Thomas. Bryant, I would have put you in there took, but I couldn't make the acronym work (as well as it did anyway!) 'CATS, I love you all, and you are the spirit, heart, and the breath of this town!