Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Training Update

It has just occurred to me that I have been talking a lot about a lot of things, except my training for the Flying Pirate.  I did tell you I registered and I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with swimming, but the rest of my posts have been fluffy, and many times, ABOUT my fluffy.  So, as I have just completed my first month of half marathon training, I thought I'd give a visual recap of weeks 1 - 4 in my favorite (and given my artistic ability, only) medium.

Training Week 1

Training Week 2

Training Week 3

Training Week 4

Now, this past Saturday, I'm proud to announce that I have reached another runner's milestone (My first was losing a toe nail.  I did take a picture.  You can thank me later for not sharing.) with my friend, Jyl.

Jyl (wearing Dukie colors) and Me (wearing Davidson red and black!)
in front of our after-run coffee shop, Summit Coffee.
Best base camp EVER.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Challenge: Week 2

So, last week I posted my results for Week 1 of the Do Life Challenge, and printed off the challenge for this past week.  It was chock full of awesome assignments about paying it forward, something that I am ALL about.  LOVE doing stuff for other people!  I was so psyched!  And then......WHAMMO.

We've had a bit of a family emergency this past week. I would rather not divulge into details, I'm sure you understand.  I will say we are all okay and hopefully on the road to brighter days and I hope you will keep sending us positive thoughts our way :-)
So, I was not able to really participate in week 2's challenge or continue my "4 things".   I can revisit a standing challenge and take a look at where I am on my 5 goals for the month:

Pushups: got it up from 15 to 20 in one set.


Lose 5 pounds -
          January 9 - 128.8
          January 2 - 135.4

Keep daily food logs and include estimated caloric intake -
          4 days out of 7 ain't bad ;-)

Clean my house -

Organize my closets -
          see goal above....need to seek therapy before I enter the closets...

Walk my dogs at least once a week with my hubby -
          My poor Dum Dums.  I'm such a bad mom.......But we have been having quality movie time....

So that concludes my update for Week 2.  Thankfully, Week 3 starts and I have a clean slate.  I didn't do too bad on my goals though...I mean, really.  In all honesty, that shower can theoretically be the equivalent of like completing 20 challenges.....

Thursday, January 12, 2012


If it's one thing I've learned, is that we are way to hard on ourselves, and our punishments are sometimes way too severe.  Let me ask, does the punishment always fit the "crime"?  And does the punishment really make anything better?

I've found, if anything, it just makes it worse.  It's the dreaded downward spiral and it's so hard to dig out of.  So, please take my advice and just don't go down there.  Did you eat too many M&Ms?  You know you shouldn't have.  But it's done.  Accept that you did and do better tomorrow. But for heaven's sake don't beat yourself up over it.  Did you only run 2 miles when you should have run 4?  You know what?  It's okay!  Don't try to do more tomorrow to make up for it.  Accept it, just don't skimp out on the next run.

When I was younger, I parted ways with my closest friend.  She was a sister to me.  Why did we?  I have no idea.  I can't even remember.  But for about five years I held a grudge.  I held a grudge for something I couldn't even really remember.  It's like that family feud that lasts for centuries and continues even though no one remembers what started it in the first place.  I don't know if it was age, time or what, but I found forgiveness for her, but I still couldn't forgive myself.  I couldn't forgive myself for letting a relationship so special and rare dissolve into thin air.  I wanted to fix it, but I just couldn't reach out.  So for a few more years, I dug myself further down the hole.   Thankfully, she was there to help me back out.

By holding yourself in contempt, you're only hurting yourself and holding yourself back.  Don't let yourself go so far over that you can't be brought back.  Forgive yourself because you, my friend, are the only one who can.

And when you can forgive yourself, you can start to love yourself.
And that is when all the magic happens.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Challenge: Week 1

On December 31, I signed up for a challenge with the folks over at Do Live Movement.  If you're not following Ben, Pa, Jed and crew, you need too.  Fantastic community they've got going on, it would be a shame if y'all weren't a part of it!  Maybe you should become a member....!

We just completed the first week of the 12 week challenge.  By the way, there is no deadline to participate in the challenge, so if you'd like to join there is still time.

This week was about goals, how to assess them and how to actually achieve them.  Keeping them small and obtainable is the key.  It's okay to think big.  In fact, you better!  But to get there, set little goals.  It's all baby steps.  I'm going to quote something from the movie, The Patriot.  You may ask, "how in the heck can she quote something from a very commercial movie about the Revolutionary War and make it applicable?"  Watch me....

"Aim small, miss small."
People don't expect small changes to mean anything, but when you add them all up, holy cow!  You'll be surprised how much you were able to change and accomplish!

There were a few tasks for this week's challenge.
1) Come up with 5 goals that can be attained in one month, and assess where you are right now.  Here are mine, and the assessment follows

  • Lose 5 pounds - I weighed in on Monday at 135.4 (on a really miserable scale that weighs less than what I am, but we'll use these numbers because it's the only scale I have.)
    note:  this is the first time I have ever publicly said my weight.  Might be time to do a before/after reflection....
  • Keep daily food logs and include estimated caloric intake - I'm wishy washy on the food logs, sometimes I keep them, sometimes I let it go; and I have never kept track of calories.  I'm hoping in doing so will help me with goal #1.
  • Clean my house - I have a new ecosystem evolving in my shower.......
  • Organize my closets - This may seem like cleaning the house, but everything that you don't have a place for when cleaning your house, goes into the closets.  I have a lot of stuff in my closets....and it makes me feel unorganized and anxious!
  • Walk my dogs at least once a week with my hubby - I have a big yard, so I normally don't walk my dogs because I think they can just run around and get exercise.  But they prefer to lay on the back patio.  My Dum Dums need to Do Life too!  And it gives me and the hubby more time together instead of watching tv or being on our computers!

2) How many push ups can you do in 1 set?  Only 15

3) Add 30 minutes to your workouts with increased intensity.  If I do any more intervals to running workouts, I might stroke out.  So, I've added at least 30 minutes of swimming at least two times a week and have signed up for a yoga class starting next week, because my lack of flexibility is becoming a hindrance to my running and swimming goals.

4) Identify your biggest excuse.  Come up with a way to eliminate that excuse.  This is a good one. I work full time and I go to college part time at night.  I say that I don't have time to do homework, something is always keeping me from it and at times it does.  But I don't put it first, either.  I don't make it a priority.  I'm a procrastinator too.  So, a way to eliminate that excuse is for me to own up and stop putting the blame on others, don't let others deter me from my success, to quit procrastinating and make my education a priority.  

5) Each night, write down 4 things you did well today
This may have been the hardest part of this week's challenge
Monday - finished a hellish hill workout, planned my meals for the week, went grocery shopping, enjoyed my last day of holiday vacation.
Tuesday - got to work on time, enjoyed time with a good friend over a healthy dinner I made, decent 3 mile run with some hill work, made my to-do lists
Wednesday - got out of bed!, I limited Facebook time, took my 1st swim lesson in a LONG time, completed the majority of my 1st strength/core workout scheduled for my half marathon training
Thursday - good 4 mile run, gave good advice, made amends with an old friend, did dishes even though all I wanted to do was go to bed!
Friday - went to the pool even though I REALLY didn't want to, ate well, reached out to help someone in their journey to better health and put myself out there in the meantime, made some people laugh with this blog.
Saturday - made a healthy(ish) lasagna and it was my first homemade lasagna EVER and it actually came out good and didn't stick to the pan!, helped a runner new to the group get through our long run, registered for the Boilermaker Road Race 15K, didn't raise my voice and kept calm when others did not even though I really wanted to go a little nuts too.

The hardest part about this week's challenge, for me, was the 4 Things.  I really had a hard time coming up with some.  So, I don't know if I need to do more stuff or be easier on myself.  Regardless, I think this will be an exercise I will continue.

I've had a great week training for my first half marathon (The Flying Pirate, Nags Head NC in April), and I think I'm more proud of that than anything right now.

I'm REALLY excited about running the Boilermaker (Utica NY) in July with my sister-in-law and nephew.  14,000 runners in the 15K and 4,000 in the 5K.  It's going to be insane!  Registration is open if you're interested.  It sells out, so don't take to long to decide.  http://www.boilermaker.com/  Party at my brother's afterwards, even if he doesn't know it ;-)

The school semester starts tomorrow.  So, here I pledge, I will dedicate at least 1 hour each non-class evening and 2 lunch hours per week to schoolwork.  I will not let the tv or people deter me from finishing what is needed to complete my studies on the weekend.  I need to make this commitment so I don't have a stroke trying to get caught up at the end of the semester!

And there you have it folks.  Do Life Challenge Week 1 complete.  Long post, I know.  I hope you made it all the way through it.  Tomorrow starts Week 2.  You in??

Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Reasons Why Swimming Sucks

10)  trying to dry off with a wet towel
 9)  snot bubbles from my nose
 8)  swallowing chlorinated water makes me have to pee
 7)  foggy goggles
 6)  shower gel that smells like men's aftershave
 5)  dry skin
 4)  bathing suits that make you feel like you're fitting 10 pounds worth of potatoes in a 5 pound sack
 3)  doing laps in the lane next to someone that actually knows what they're doing, making you look like you're doing the dogie paddle
 2)  bikini bumps
 1)  wanting to be like the person in the next lane over, and willing to do whatever it takes...........