Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

So, yes, I've been MIA for a while.  No need to go into the details just now, but things have been, shall we say a little topsy turvy.  Life has not only thrown me curve balls; it's thrown fast balls, knuckle balls, and lobs that I've swung at and whiffed.

Have you ever opened a card and as you read it, thought that it was absolutely perfect and written with you in mind?  I opened that card yesterday, one my mom sent for my birthday.  I love how she can hug me when she's 750 miles a way.  Moms are cool like that.

Anyway.  When I read the words, it sparked something inside. It's been a roller coaster these past few months, but it's time to pick myself up, dust myself off and hit the ground running.  Literally and metaphorically.  Topsy turvy, zig zaggy, whatever....Bring it on baby, 'cause this girl is back!

Today is my birthday. In so many ways.

(Here is the passage in my case you need a hug too!  Since it's a greeting card, I can't really credit the author, so I'm sending a shout out to the Unknown Author Person.  Well said, my friend, well said!)

How to Make a Beautiful Life

Love yourself.
MAKE PEACE with who you are and where you are at this moment in time.

Listen to your heart.
If you can't hear what it's saying in this noisy world, MAKE TIME for yourself.
Enjoy your own company.
Let your mind wander among the stars.

Take chances.
Life can be messy and confusing at times, but it's also full of surprises.  The next rock in your path might be a stepping stone.

Be happy.
When you don't have what you want, want what you have.
That's a well-kept secret to contentment.

There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow.
you have to MAKE YOUR OWN WAY.
To know where you're going is only part of it.
You need to know where you've been, too.
And if you ever get lost, don't worry.
The people who love you will find you.
Count on it.

Life isn't days and years.
It's what you do with time and with all the goodness and grace that's inside you.
The kind of life you deserve.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Words for Wednesday

It's important to remember that each footstrike 
carries you forward, not backward. 
And every time you put on your running shoes 
you are different in some way than you were the day before. 

- John "The Penguin" Bingham
runner and author