Thursday, August 30, 2007

Around the sets....

So, I've come across some scoop and casting news that you may or may not be interested in, but thought I would share anyway!

Dancing with the Stars
Returning pro's with 1 new addition:
Cheryl Burke, Edyta S(don't know how to spell it...) you remember, she danced with Cliff from Cheers!, Kym Johnson (the cutie petutie from down under), Karina Smirnoff, Tony Dovolani, Jonathan Roberts, Maks, and last season's newcomer, Julianne Hough. Her brother Derek will be joinging the team this year. It think I'm still missing 2 pros? Oh well.

The stars:
Melanie Brown (Scary Spice?)
Sabrina Bryan (sorry, never heard of her)
Helio Castroneves (Indy driver)
Mark Cuban (don't know him, think he's a NBA team owner)
Jennie Garth (back to 90210)
Josie Maran (??)
Cameron Mathison (is this Ryan from AMC?)
Wayne Newton (get outta town!!!)
Marie Osmond (oh, please....)
Albert Reed (??)
Jane Seymour (has Dr. Quinn cut her hair yet?)

Should prove to be an interesting season......

Grey's News:
Burke's momma will be back (loved her!!) and also, I guess George will be joining the interns again for another round.

That's all I got for now. Catch 'ya on the flip side!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And an eerie quiet falls over campus

So, the 'Cats have fallen. Losing to the Terrapins 82-70. An amazing and exciting game. The lead had switched hands many times in the first half, Davidson never letting them get more than 4 points ahead. Then the 2nd half came down to the last 10 minutes spelling foul trouble for the Wildcats. Alas, losing the game by 12. I am, however, proud of these players for what they do on the court and off. Way to go 'Cats!!! We are with you all the way.

a quick note...

To my few, but loyal, readers. My sincerest apologies for neglecting seriously hope. I have been diligently working on my mid-term essay, which I handed in last night. WOOHOO!!!! It's a little on the lengthy side, but good in content. I think anyway. I won't know for 2 weeks if my instructor thinks so, too!

Anyway - need to make this quick. 2 thoughts.

1) Davidson Wildcats vs Maryland Terrapins. 12:20 p.m. TODAY. Watch and cheer on the 'Cats through their first round game of the NCAA Big Dance!!!

2) So Claire is Jack's half sister. Go Figure. Next week - the wheelchair mystery is revealed!!!

Gotta run. I need to get my work done so I can watch the game!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO 'CATS!!!!! Do us proud.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sometimes a Miracle

I was never a big "Denny fan" until tonight. When he and Izzie touched before he walked into the light, gave me shivers (along with tears). Of course, by that time I was crying rivers of tears. Did you know that there is now a new body of water named the Hopean Sea??? See? come to seriously hope and you learn new stuff like this!

Some of my co-workers and my mother don't particularly like Meredith. I will admit that she does get on my nerves sometimes. But, what makes her character so great, is that she is the embodiment of the "dark and twisty" in all of us. And it is just as Alex had said, "Meredith always makes me think - screwed up people have a chance." It's true. We cheer for her because there is a little piece of each one of us in her. Now, some may contribute more pieces than others.........

I can't get into the whole episode (since I have just recently recovered!) but I will give some of my highlights:
  1. Derek telling off Meredith's mother.
  2. Addison demanding Derek to pull it together.
  3. Christina going on a shopping spree at the 99 cent store and then showing Joe her goodies while coping (getting hammered)
  4. Burke telling Christina to be there to say goodbye to her friend.
  5. Callie should have hit Izzie.
  6. The Chief saying goodbye to Ellis Grey.
  7. Ellis finally telling her daughter that she was anything but ordinary.

Now, these are only a few points. The entire episode was great. The entire arc was superb. Way to go Shonda and the rest of the Grey's Anatomy crew for an AMAZING ride! Because I said this and I completely adore all of you, I can say:


And that will conclude this edition of seriously hope. Now, I don't think there is a new episode this week, but I'm sure I'll find something to talk about! I hope you'll join me!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I need to vent.

I don't know if anyone really reads these. But I'm having an issue.

I understand I look young. I normally don't get upset when I get carded for things. In fact, I usually have my license ready for them. So yes, I understand I look young. But when a store associate takes 5 minutes to look at my id, then ask me how old I am, rub my license to see if it's a fake, and then proceed to ask me for additional forms of ID, and then takes another 5 minutes to determine if I am at least eighteen years old, it does not make me a happy camper.

Now I have to go search my empty fridge for something to eat before LOST comes on.

Good tidings to y'all. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Drowning on Dry Land

Holy Shit.

Can they really do this to us? Can they really take the Grey out of the Anatomy? I still can't see straight, my eyes are blurry from the tears, and my head is starting to hurt. I can't even comment. I can't even be my witty self. Shonda Rhimes, what have you done!!!!!!!!! And how do you expect us to wait until next week. How much more can these interns take? Is there a show with out Meredith? How can this happen. To many questions, to many emotions, and Denny is back. And the cutie pie, Dillon I think his name was, is back. You remember him. He's the one that got blown to smithers from the bomb they extracted from the dude's body cavity. You know, the two episode arc after the Super Bowl last year. They are back. So you know what that means. That Meredith is on her way to those Pearly Gates. Will Denny tell her that there is still work to be done on earth? That she can't leave Derek yet? Or will he hold her hand and introduce her to St Peter? Oh my gosh I can't think straight. I don't know if Derek or Christina can recover from this. Even Addison felt bad, you could tell!!! How will Seattle Grace cope with that loss. Two brilliant Greys. Lost.

What the heck???

Is there anyone else in LOST La La Land that is just as confused as me? I thought they promised us answers. All we get is that Desmond has lived this life before and he relives it over without the power to change anything. So, he still looses Penny, still lands on the island, still turns the key. And then we find out our favorite hobbit will soon die. Are they doing a Lord of the Rings 4 and no one tell me? And we still don't know whyDesmond woke up naked after the hatch went caput. I'm sorry, naked men running around in the jungle disturb me. I need some closure....

The highlight of the night for me? Seeing Ed get hit by the bus in last week's episode that reaired at 9:00. CLASSIC JJ ABRAMS!!!

All I have to say is this. The executive branch of LOST has made some serious mistakes this season. This "let's show 6 episodes and let everyone forget about us and then show 16 after a 20 month hiatus" thing just didn't work. Now it looks as though "Michael" has found a new job and may not be back. Now Charlie is going to die, probably because he found a new job too. Why you ask? Because they needed to eat as well during the break and had to go out and find a supplement.

As you may already surmised, this was not my favorite episode. It just confused me more. How did the key make Desmond go "back in time"? And why did he WAKE UP NAKED?????

Oh - Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone
p.s. I got the best present ever!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Walk on Water (part I)

First I'd like to say that thanks to my beloved husband for being so very gracious and understanding, and an angel this weekend. Without complaint or opposition, he has driven me, my big brother and sister-in-law to Atlanta and back safely within twenty-four hours. He allowed me to see family that I haven't seen, as my uncle had put it, since I was knee high to a grasshopper. On that note, I would like to tell the Dunlap family how happy I am that I was able to see you all this weekend (and meet some of you for the very first time), and I hope we really do stay in touch!

Now I would like to thank ABC for showing newly aired episodes on the internet. Since my VCR had eluded me once again, I was in a panic. And then it came to me at 7:30 this morning. I quietly crawled out of bed, grabbed my lap top and made my way to the living room with my coffee cup. So, while Kevin, Gabbi, and Bailee slept, I indulged in my guilty pleasure.

Again, this was one of those episodes that evoked multiple emotions in a very short period of time. And this was only part one of a three episode arc. I don't know if my heart can handle the other two hours!

I'm really not going to go into Meredith's issues. I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride all weekend, and this did not help. Did she really mean to end it in the bath tub? What if Derek didn't come into the bathroom? Would she finally come up for air? Or was this some kind of glimpse into her future? All that could really come to my mind was the scenes from the Mothman Prophecies when Laura Linney was describing the dream where she "dies", and would have come true at the end if Richard Gere did not take the plunge and dive in after her.

Since there was so much devastation in this episode, let's talk about the cuteness! How cute was the Chief and his hair? How 'bout Christina with the little happy smirk on her face when she was trying to tell Meredith that she and Burke were engaged? And what about Addison, once again showing that Alex may be stirring some feelings within her when she observed him with the woman he pulled out of the water that was about to go into surgery? And Bailey. Gotta love Bailey!!!

Well folks. That will wrap it up for today. I have to go hit the books. Don't forget part 2 will air this Thursday at 9 and LOST is non-stop until the end of the season. I think we have 15 more episodes? So, until next time!!! (p.s. I hope my editor reads this soon. I am infamous about my typos!!!)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

And the saga continues.......

It was 9:00 p.m., and I was still in the classroom. My professor obviously didn't realize that the most anticipated night of Wednesday tv was almost upon us. At 9:05, he must have remembered and freed us from our chair and table things I always get stuck in. So, I'm in my car and on my way by 9:15 and make it home at 9:45. Just in time to go potty, change into comfy pants and spoon some cold spaghetti on a plate for supper. And there, with my pillow and blanket, awaited for the time to turn 10:00 p.m. (which is way past my bed time) so I could once again, get LOST!

I wasn't completely impressed, but yet I wasn't completely disappointed either. We got a little peek into Juliet's past, and how she ended up on the island, but how sad is it that she has no idea if she has a niece or nephew, or even if her sister is still alive. I honestly don't blame her for letting Ben live just for the desperate chance to go home. But how crazy is it that you're sitting there watching her tell her ex-husband that her work was a success and then WHAMO - hit by a bus. It's always something, I tell ya! I was having Final Destination flashbacks. I guess that was the Dharma Initiative's "design".

So, Sawyer and Kate escape with their castaway Carl. Jack heroically fixes the ruptured artery and removes Ben's mass from his spine. A happy ending? I guess we'll see!

Tonight is Grey's, and I hope to have another post for you soon, however, I do have to go to Atlanta tonight so I'm not sure if I can once again teach myself how to program a VCR. A happy ending?? I guess we'll see!!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My first BLOG!

First, I would like to say WELCOME!!! If you made it here, that means you obviously got my e-mail giving you the link. I know what you're asking. Why on earth did I start a BLOG? Well, being an avid BLOG reader on certain topics, I got tired of writing comments on what other people thought. Why not let the world read what I've got to say! So, here I am, finding my voice on the vast world wide web. Maybe it will be discovered, maybe not, but hopefully I'll be able to entertain my nearest and dearest friends and family that will show their loyalty and visit and comment quite often (hint, hint).

So, what can you expect from seriously hope? Well, you know you'll get some great scoop and comments on the best tv drama to ever hit the air and kicks CSI's butt every week! You might find some LOST commentary, maybe House. What else will you find? One never knows! How 'bout we just take it day by day and see where we go? I do hope you'll stay onboard for the journey and visit me often!

So that's the end of my very first BLOG ever! Tomorrow night, we do have the most anticipated mid season premiere of LOST. So, hopefully I'll have another entry soon! Love you all!