Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top 10 as She Sees 'Em

Welcome to the first edition of seriously hope's Top 10 as she sees 'em!

This week's edition:

The Top 10 Reasons Why People (like me) Don't Write on their Blogs

10) We are actually earning our paychecks instead of writing sarcastic comments on our blogs. Can we get paid to write sarcastic comments instead??? That would be SWEET.

9) Too busy playing the Never-ending Movie Quiz on Facebook.

8) Forgot our log in to Blogspot due to lack of use.

7) Grey's Anatomy Withdrawal (during the writer's strike). This is a very serious condition. If afflicted, you must seek professional help at your local tavern immediately.

6) Grieving for the cancellation of Deadwood.

5) Imagination dysfunction

4) Fear - People may discover our talent and are afraid the fame will go straight to our heads.

3) Serious addiction to Netflix.

2) Short term memory loss - forgot we started a blog....

1) Does anyone really read this stupid thing?

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