Friday, November 16, 2012

Free Time....

I keep a pretty tight schedule usually blocked in a 3 or 4 month time period, whether it be a school semester, training cycle....or as it was the case this fall, both.  During these blocks I ALWAYS look forward to those precious weeks between the ending of one block and the beginning of the other.  So many things I want to do and so many opportunities to get those chores done that I had not quite been able to get to.  And then I start making my two lists (you know me, I need my lists):  "Fun Things I've Been Wanting To Do" and "Chores I've Been Neglecting."  The possibilities are endless!  Kinda like that Swiffer commercial where the woman discovers she has time to read a book.  (And no, this is not an endorsement for the Swiffer Duster since its use would fall under the "chores I've been neglecting" list....)

So many things I've been wanting to do!  What to do first...  Out of all those things....

My gosh, I only have 3 do ALL those things.  Oh no, what if I can't get it all done?  How do I choose?  What if I choose wrong...time wasted that may have been better spent doing something else.  So much to choose from....what is it that I REALLY want to do?  Omigosh, I don't know what to do....

Free time, folks, stresses me out.

It stresses me out SO MUCH.  I get so overwhelmed that I can't seem to do anything.  So I don't.

Last night, I had time.  No paper do, no homework to read and the house to myself.  I got excited at the prospect of reading a know, for fun!  But I sat there, looking through my Kindle shelves, my much I haven't read yet, so much I want to read!  And then it happened.  I got so beside myself I couldn't make a decision.  Instead, I went and watched my DVR recording of Grey's Anatomy and fell asleep on the couch during an episode of Elementary (must watch this show.  Holmes is hysterical!).

The sheer stress of it all prompted this post and plea...

I want to read and I don't want to stress over the decision.  So friends, let's make this fun.

What's been on your nightstand that you might recommend?


Graham said...

The Introvert Advantage - How to thrive in an Extrovert World.

David Brown said...

The Time Travelers Wife
Cutting for Stone
Winter People
Life of Pi
The Prodigal Summer
The Poisonwood Bible
English Passengers
Snow Falling on Cedar
McCarthy's Bar