Saturday, December 8, 2012

It doesn't matter if I can do it tomorrow, because I did it today

Today, my friends, today I had a good day.  Something happened that I never ever thought possible.

Today I ran a 5K.


So fast that I achieved a personal record.

Fast enough to place in my age group, something I've wanted to do since my first 5K.

Fast enough that.............well, shoot.  Fast enough to actually WIN my age group.

And what is even more cool?  Is that those women in the 30-34 and us in the 35-39, and 40-44...well, we were faster than most of the girls in their 20s.

It just goes to show that we're just like a fine wine...we just keep getting better with age!

As I just told a good friend of mine.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it again.....but I did it today.

Party on, Garth.


David said...

Congratulations Sudden Hope.... so now "I can" and "I will" may be added to "I did".


(You gonna tell us how fast or are you going to make me look it up?)

Hope Childress said...

(23:52, but don't tell anyone...)

David Brown said...

3 miles in under 24... that's....8 oh yeah shhhhhhhhhhhhh!