Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Pictorial

I had a simple 1 hour bike ride to do last Thursday after work.  No problem, I had the spot picked out and the weather was great!  BUT, some craziness in the wee morning hours put a bit of a wrench in the day's schedule and honestly, I didn't feel like messing with the loading and the packing and the driving and fighting I77 traffic to go do the riding thing and then the driving home and the unpacking and so on....

So, I opted for 1 hour on the trainer in the "comfort" of my living room.

I can do 10 miles running on a treadmill, no prob.  I can somewhat tolerate spinning for 30 minutes, but an hour on the bike trainer?  Ugh.

One must find ways to keep themselves entertained while the minutes tick slowly by.  

And because misery loves company, I thought...why not illustrate a session on the trainer in pictures??  If I had to suffer, I'm making y'all suffer too!

And we begin.

Ho Hum.  Yawn.

Oh wait...this kinda hurts a little.

Seriously?  It's only been 20 minutes?

and here comes the sweat.
Where is the damn breeze?
Oh, that's right...I'm in my freaking living room :/

Heavens to Betsy.
"I'm almost done, I'm almost done"
"almost there, almost there, almost there"

I win!

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