Thursday, June 2, 2011


See?  I told you Frank was wrong!  Results came back and he found nothing...nada...nill.  I am fracture free!

He had my heart beating a bit faster, I won't lie.  So what a relief.  Now, I just need to stay chill for seven more days.  I'll take seven over fourteen or twenty-one, that's for dang sure.  I definitely need to find some things to do in the meantime though.  I went and did weights this morning for the first time in a week, and let me tell you what....getting up that early was rough.  I need to get back in my normal routine.  That is fo sho!

Staying active and staying positive (and maybe a little ibuprofren) is the key.  I've been feeling a bit down this past week and it's wearing on me.  Emotionally and physically.  But, this good news put a spring in my step...well, with the right foot anyway.

So, for now, I'll be stuck inside the gym but at least I'll be doing something and soon, my training will start.  Thank goodness!

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