Friday, September 16, 2011

It's almost tomorrow, already?

Rewind to July 16, 2011.  I believe I was in San Francisco at the Google Geo Summit, and I was stylin' and profilin' looking pretty sexy with my peg leg.  I was 2-3 weeks with my boot, looking forward to when I could walk without sounding like a creeper in a B horror flick.

On July 26 and still a creeper, I met with Kelly to go over my "come-back" plan.  "Kelly, I'm supposed to run a 10K in September, but I don't know how realistic that is."  With neither of us really knowing, there it was on my calendar for September 17.  5K or 10K.  On August 1st, I ditched the peg leg and started my way back to the gym, but according to Frank (the doc), still no running for 3-4 more weeks.  September 17 seemed far away, yet it was around the corner.

On August 21, I hit the track.  Now, 4 weeks and 38.5 slow miles later, it's almost tomorrow, September 17.

Tomorrow.  September 17.  Run for Green.  Time to get excited!

Tomorrow.  It's you and me, Mr. Road. 7:40 a.m.  I got your 6.2m.  You can try to stop me, but I'm coming after you and you're goin' down.


elpinkaminco said...

Go Get 'Em, Baby Sister!!! You can DO IT!!!! You have to. You're my hero!!!

Midassa said...

Whoo! Awesome attitude and I fully believe you'll do amazing!

Melanie said...

Run like the wind Hope!!