Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Resolution for 2012?

Is not to make any!  Let's face it, we never keep them.  We have the best of intentions, but it never fails, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month in...KAPLOWEEE!  Our resolutions blow up in our faces.

I've found the promises I make for myself throughout the year tend to last instead of the ones I make on New Year's Eve.  Maybe because they are truly changes that I wanted to make.  I made a commitment to myself without the pressure of a day or a tradition. To make a change, you truly have to WANT to do it, not just say you're going too, know what I'm saying?  So, don't be pressured into coming up with something by the stroke of midnight.  If anything, promise yourself that you'll look back at 2011 and see how far you've come and raise your glass as the clock strikes 12:00.  And then tomorrow, ponder the possibilities of what 2012 may bring.

So, when people ask you what your New Year's resolution will be, you can say "none for me."

....Except for maybe doing food logs.....(wink)

Happy New Year!  Y'all be safe tonight, and I'll see you next year!  (i know, i know, corny joke, but it just never gets old!)

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