Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little Lung's Return

That title sounds like it could be a movie.  I can see it now, the role of Hope "Little Lung" Childress to be played by Mila Kunis....

Anyway.  Instead of a really nifty name like "Dances with Wolves" or "Runs with Horses" or "Speaks in Quotation Marks", I have been given the name "Little Lung."  Maybe it's not as endearing as some, but it is valiant just the same and I absolutely adore my new name!  The last two or three months of 2011 for me have been filled with mucus and two lungs that might as well have been underwater.  I have since made a 99.9% recovery and have resumed my workouts and eating somewhat better, just like I told you I would.  Here was my pledge list and an update in progress:

  • food logs will resume (Well, kinda)
  • workouts will resume (CHECK!!!)
  • lots of water will be drunk  (CHECK!!!!....where's the bathroom?)
  • meals will be cooked at home (CHECK!!!!....Food for Thought posts forthcoming!)
  • no junk food will enter the threshold  (um....sure?)
  • I will forego the Christmas cookie bake-a-thon  (no bake-a-thon, but I did do one batch, and yes, I ate most of them.  crikey.)
  • I will remain honest about my progress (See bullet points above)
  • I will hold myself accountable (Do Life Movement forums, a whole bunch of AWESOMENESS!!!)
  • I will succeed.  (Still in process, but I'm sayin'.....OH HELL YEAH I AM!)

Being it's the holiday season, accountability is going to be KEY to get us all through with only limited collateral damage.  Have a cookie.  Have two, but for heaven's sake don't pull a Hope and eat the whole gosh darn plate!

And with this post, I lead us, and SeriouslyHope, into the holiday season.  I am going to say Merry Christmas, because it is the best way I know how to wish everyone the best of wishes, whatever holiday you celebrate, and a very happy, healthy and active 2012.  It's going to be a great year folks.  I can feel it.

Okay Ma!  It's time to put the coffee on, get out my Vixen mug, put the little piece of chocolate on my pillow that's on the blow up mattress.....


elpinkaminco said...

Awesome, simply awesome!!! And I cant wait to see you!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Merry Christmas to you too! Have a wonderful time with your family!

Little Lung is a really cute name and I would love it too! The only name I get is "Jillian" as in Jillian Michaels (I push people to do their best and finish strong!). I am called Jillian in good spirits - most of the time - but I think Little Lung is so much nicer!

Glad you're feeling better and on the road to recovery!

Natalie said...

Love your honesty - I need to remember to be more accountable, too. You'll only end up where you don't want to be if you don't tell yourself the truth. Merry Christmas, Hope! xo