Monday, July 30, 2012

Mondays. They're like reset buttons....

I don't remember if I've written about Mondays.  And if I have, I'm not going to apologize for a repeat.  It's a good reminder that the angle you choose to look at things will determine their outcome.  And I'm going to use Mondays as an example.

I used to LOATHE Mondays.  But now, it's like a fresh start every 8th day!  Do I love Mondays?  No.  But I do look forward to them.  I take a minute to reflect on the week before.  Did I do everything I needed to? Did I do it to the best of my ability?  Etcetera.  Yes?  No?  Room for improvement?  If the answer was the two latter, I don't beat myself up over it.  I accept it, figure out what I can do different, and when the clock strikes midnight,VIOLA!  New day, new beginnings, an opportunity to do.....well, to do better.  To BE better.

Last week I was not the picture of good nutrition.  I fell back into some bad habits (yes, folks, I have found my jar of peanut butter again) and fell into some new ones (cookie time with the hubby = danger danger!).  Hydration, well, I am not drinking as much as I NEED to be, especially running in this (insert cuss word here) humidity.  I do okay with food during the day while I'm at work, but once I would get home it would be a peanut butter/pretzel/ Special K crisp gorge fest.  Last night I got into some brie.... my gosh!  I even stopped my food log because I did not want to enter all the crap I would stuff my face with!  My justification?  Oh, that's okay, I'm marathon training.

Wrong answer.
"Time to hit the refresh button, good thing tomorrow is Monday..."

So today.  I have already consumed the amount water I need.  I have entered everything into my food app, I have my dinner planned (and its marinating as we speak and I'm beginning to drool just thinking about it).  I have plans to keep my little hands busy sand I have a pint of strawberries and cherries waiting to get me through cookie time with hubby.  Heck.  I even remembered to take my vitamins!

I am already thinking ahead to each workout and being mindful of how what I eat will help me achieve this week's schedule.  To eat to achieve instead of eating for comfort or to save me from boredom.

I happen to be talking about food and nutrition and exercise as an example.  Why?  Because marathon training happens to be my existence right now. BUT, I use this Monday refresh for all aspects of my life.  Home, work, school, attitude, my outlook, how I treat I treat myself.

My refresh happens to be Mondays.  Yours can be Tuesday, or Thursdays...or go bold and be my hero and make your refresh every time your alarm clock goes off!

The point is, is that nothing will ever be better by beating yourself up over it.  If anything, that makes it worse.  

Find your refresh.  It's a clean slate waiting for you.

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