Sunday, September 9, 2012

There's a first time for everything....

There is one good thing about training for your first have a lot of "firsts!"

First lost toenail - check (during my half marathon training, so I'm counting it)
First double digit run - check (again, during half training)
First massage - check
First blister - not yet thank goodness, I might faint
First 15miler - check
First 5am run - check that a gazillion times.....
First massage - check (can't wait for my next one)
First doubt that I will continue running after said marathon - check check and check

And this weekend my friends, I reached 2 more milestones.

First 18 mile run and.......

my first ice bath.
This is how the conversation went when I got home:

Kevin:  That's great!!
Me:  Honey, I'm going to need your help in a few minutes.
Kevin:  Are you okay?
Me:  Oh yes, but I'm going to take an ice bath and I need you to put the ice in because I don't think I can bring myself to do it.
Kevin:  Um.....are you sure?  That doesn't sound like it would be good.
Me:  I'm sure.
Kevin: .......well okay......

(in bathroom, me in tub, Kevin with bags of ice)
Kevin:  You are sure about this?
Me:  Yes, just don't splash me because it will be cold!
Kevin:  Honey, this is crazy.  You are crazy.
In my head: Honey, you have no idea.
(Kevin puts in ice)
Kevin:  Well, there you go!
Me:  Thank you honey!
In my head:  Oh holy hell.

I had my doubts, but I knew my people would not steer me wrong!  Worked like a charm.  I was able to move yesterday and today I'm hardly sore.  You know, if it wasn't for some IT band soreness, I think I'd be able to go for another 6 right now.   

But....that would just be crazy.

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