Friday, May 10, 2013

A Strategy for a Successful Triathlon

So, you may or may not remember my introduction to triathlon last year with a mini sprint-distanced event.  And you may or may not remember the day I welcomed Thelma into my family.

Well, tomorrow is the big day where Thelma and I will make our debut.  Tomorrow we will do our first full sprint distance triathlon....where I will attempt my first open water swim.  In a lake.  That is cold.  And has fish and other nasties of the deep.

Like any seasoned, respectable athlete, I have come up with a solid race strategy.

- put wetsuit on in less than 20 minutes
- don't panic when my feet squish off the beach
- swim, using every stroke known to (and not currently known to) man to get the hell away from nasties
- don't drown

- breathe
- get wetsuit off in less than 20 minutes
- do not give self black eye when taking off wetsuit

- don't crash

- breathe

- survive

Post race
- drink mimosas and eat pancakes

A solid plan...

Tomorrow, I swim with the fishes.

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Graham said...

You are awesome and will be great.