Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Official

I've just turned in the crappiest written paper of my entire college career (that's like 6 years for people keeping track).............and I couldn't be happier!



So, the blog front has been a bit on the quiet side, my apologies friends.  These past few months, well, I've had lots going on and it's proved to be a bit of trying, scatterbrained jumble of hours, days and weeks.  So.  Here is a quick update:

  • I now have some valid free time to do stuff without the homework cloud threatening to suck all the fun out of life.
  • My knee and cutie nerve are well on their way to recovery.  I have a sexy new knee brace that keeps my knee cap in the middle where it should be and I just bought some calf sleeves, so I look pretty hard-core.  Key word in that sentence is 'look.'
  • Okay folks, I will be swimming in the lake for my first ever open water swim. (the cool kids say OWS for short)
  • Okay folks, Thelma and I are making our debut this Saturday in our first sprint triathlon, as long as I don't drown in the lake or pass out from hypothermia (please see above bullet)
  • Okay folks, yes, my very first OWS will be in my 'first' sprint distance triathlon.  I will be doing a 750 meter doggie paddle, 20k bike ride (12 miles for the metric challenged like me) and a 5k run (3.1 miles).
  • and did I tell you that THE SEMESTER IS OVER!!!!

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