Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thoughts on a Sunday morning

I've had a pretty big spring and summer this year.  And when I mean "pretty big", I mean kinda life altering. Hopefully one day I'll be able to find the right words and tell you all about it.

But here is where I am right now.

It's Sunday morning.  My fuzzy four legged sons are on either side of me, happily napping.  Soon I'll have to wake them up to go on our morning walk on this quiet and cool brisk morning.  I've got my Pandora radio going as I catch up on my email, social media and yes, writing this as I sip on my coffee.

I feel the soreness still in my muscles from yesterday's long run, and it comforts me oddly enough.  It reminds me that I did something great yesterday.  It reminds me of my strength; strength of body, heart and mind.

I have a busy day ahead, but right now I'm submerging myself in this moment of quiet calm and I feel a wave of contentedness wash over me.

Happy Sunday, my friends.


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