Thursday, June 5, 2014

Adventures with Thelma: Episode 6

I was just reminded of what a lucky girl I am to be surrounded by such amazing, kind-hearted and wonderful people.  I've been so focused on keeping things calm and relaxed that I haven't been able to get excited about what's about to happen.  Until now.

I have received many "good luck" wishes and gestures but I don't think they all quite registered until just this moment; and I truly am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement!

Tomorrow I will hop in a car to travel with one of my closest friends and training partner, meet up with 4 more of my closest friends and some of my family that are able to make the trip, to an unknown land of wind, heat and maybe jellyfish to complete the final leg of this 70.3 adventure.

It took a village to get me here, no doubt!  And though I know I will have to take the final steps on my own, everyone will be there to finish with me.

Coach Sarah, "Coach Lolo" and I have come up with some reasonable times to shoot for, but because I perform better without getting all caught up in the pressure of time goals, so I will keep those to myself if that's alright.

Right now, I want to focus on these goals I have made for myself:

- Relax and get as much rest/sleep as possible.
- Eat clean and hydrate well.
- Enjoy the atmosphere, allow myself to feel the excitement...after all, you only experience your first Ironman    event once!

- Stay calm and swim on (I know, I overdone right now, but dammit if it's not perfectly applicable).
- Don't get into the chaos of the massive swim start.
- Go off easy and find my rhythm.
- Site often.
- Things (or people) will touch me, people (or things) will swim over me.  Ignore all of it and keep my head down and keep moving forward.
- I may be slow, but get me into an easy consistent stroke and I can swim all day.  Use this to my advantage and come out of the Choptank primed for a great bike segment.

- Stay relaxed, keep heart rate down.
- Don't rush, but be efficient.

- Ease into it.
- Get into a good, comfortable and sustainable effort. Work it, but don't push it.  Blow out the bike and you blow up on the run.
- Remember to EAT and DRINK!  I have a good fuel plan in place, I want to be sure to follow it.
- All this will set me up nicely for the 3rd segment.

- Get heart rate down.
- Grab watch head off the bike!

- Start out EASY. Starting off too quickly will break me.
- Take the first 3 miles easy, settle into a good comfortable pace miles 4-9, then try to pick it up for the final 3.
- Again, fueling and hydration is key to a good run.
- Give it all I got.
- Finish this journey with no regrets.

I guess that just about covers it.  From now until then I will be packing and prepping.  So, this is me.
Signing off until after Sunday.

Feel free. Be strong.
Be your own kind of awesome.

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