Friday, October 17, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

I need some help.

You see, one of my closest and dearest and most awesomest of friends is running a marathon in a few weeks.  We were all going to run.  She was doing the full marathon and we were going to do the half.  Well, then life happened, for the better in this case.

Since I can't run, I have committed to be the best sherpa/spectator/cheering section EVER.  And to make this happen, I need YOUR help.

If you were running a marathon, who would you rather see on the course (in no particular order):

A)  King Kong and Ann Darrow
B)  Batman and Catwoman or Poison Ivy
C)  Superman and Wonder Woman or any other cool superhero/villian
D)  Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
E)  Chewbacca or Hans Solo and Princess Leia
F)  Any other suggestions you might have

This is pretty important stuff, folks.  I need input....
And fast.


Jennifer said...

Definitely Wonder should inspire her inner super hero! Then maybe Mighty Mouse...

Erin said...

I vote Chewbacca/Leia or Wonder Woman/Superman. Fun!!! Let us know what you picked! She'll love it no matter what you do!