Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's that time again

Things I will do when this semester is over

  • mop the puppy prints from my floor
  • master the flip turn
  • catch up on Chicago Fire
  • finish furnishing my apartment (hahahaha!  yeah right)
  • celebrate my newly found Monday night freedom by going to sleep at 8:30 (party on, Garth)
  • finish unpacking moving boxes (can you say dumpster?  if I haven't needed it in a year, I think I can get rid of it)
  • evening walks to the coffee shop
  • epsom salt soaks
  • read a book without falling asleep after 4 sentences
  • eat real meals
  • read a book that has nothing to do with environmental anthropology
  • go stir crazy with too much time on my hands?

Just four more weeks until winter break.

And then what?
One last semester until that final drive to campus to walk down that aisle, grab that piece of paper and run like hell before someone takes it away!

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