Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 Things I Learned on Last Night's Run

in no particular order

  • I need to invest in warmer tights.
  • Getting blasted by 16-17 mph wind gusts make you feel like running in cement.
  • It is possible to freeze your woohoo.
  • You can still sweat when it feels like it's 15 degrees.
  • Running in the freezing cold makes  you crush your tempo you can get warmer faster.
  • Or rather...Running in the freezing cold makes your running buddy drop the hammer, and in turn crushes your tempo goals.
  • I really did freeze my ass off.  I couldn't feel it for an hour.
  • I'm so glad I learned to launch snot rockets.
  • Your dog has to pee on every single leaf on his night time walk when all you want to do is get inside and get warm before your limbs begin to fall off.
  • Running in freezing temps with one of your besties makes it not so horrible, actually, it makes it pretty fantastic.

Thank you, Coach Lolo, for your carrot dangling, conversating and keeping me honest!

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