Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Adventures with Thelma: Episode 5

Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the fu-ture.....

Damn skippy it does!

What a weekend, folks!  What. A. Weekend.
Action packed with swimming, biking, running, margarita drinking, pool side sunning, outside cooking, sherpa-ing and napping...

But since you read the title, I know that you're not interested in me going on about how fantastic my leisure time was (it was freaking fantastic by the way...) and are instead expecting a recap of an outing with Thelma; and Thelma would be devastated if I let down her fans.  So without further ado.....

I keep getting asked if I'm in taper mode.  There is a taper in marathon, but I'm beginning to wonder if there is such a thing in the triathlon universe.  The big day is just around the corner, and though I had one long training day, as I think about it, I did have 2 36-48 hour stretches where I didn't have to do anything. Coach Sarah gave me each disciplines' workout in a single day for me this week where mileage decreased slightly with a period of rest on either side.  Saturday was my swim bike run funday.  It was still a full day to say the least, starting at 7 with a 1 mile swim, followed by a 45 mile ride and then an 8 mile run in the sun and heat.  Good practice for what I'll encounter in the coming weeks...er...I mean days.  (how in the hell did we go from weeks to simply days?  Time.  It's a crazy thing.)

We had a good group doing the multi-sport deal.  Great company, lots of laughs.  Where there is more people, the more opportunity for pictures, mishaps and blog-worthy moments.....

JH throwin' down the selfie skills!

OWS: Mission Complete

This is the area I call
The View.
No.  No tv cameras or scripts.
What this group did have were iPhones and
natural comedic tendencies

Me, messing up the best photo op ever.

Long rides are FUN!  See?  Everyone smiles :)


My first Snot Rocket!
execution = perfect
good range, no after burn...


And not pictured?  The two times I fell over at stop lights.  Hey, it takes talent and we know I'm full of it.....

There was also a buffalo sighting, a pee incident (no, I was not the involved party, and I'm just as thankful as you are that there are no photos) and a few near misses with angry drivers.

And the finale
Post-run/Proof of Life
The guy in the orange visor?
He's mean.....makes you run lots of hills....

And that's a wrap.

12 days.

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