Friday, December 18, 2015

The Beast

You've all met Thelma and followed our adventures, then Jasper made his debut at the beginning of the year; but I don't think I've formally introduced you to The Beast.  Well, I've mentioned him once or twice, definitely in 2012 after I did my very first event that introduced me to triathlon.

I've only been on The Beast probably a total of 5 times since his purchase.  Buying The Beast wasn't exactly my idea; I really wanted a road bike.  Nonetheless, in all his girlie lavender, big wheels and clunky splendor, The Beast became mine.  And has been sitting for years.  Literally.

So I asked myself:  "Self? Are you going to sell this dang thing or you actually get your ass on that bike and finally learn some skills??"

So, Interwebs, I formally introduce you to The Beast.  The Beast, say hello to the Interwebs.

He better play nice.

After a safety check from our friends at Uptown Cycles, we are ready to hit the trails.  All we need now is someone with lots of patience, humor and first aid kit to babysit take us out.

Any takers?

(Also available for urban pub rides...)

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