Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Always Worth It

You know those runs where everything just goes right?  Where you're breathing easy, keeping a decent pace feeling you can just go on forever?  Yea?  Well, tonight wasn't one of those...

Today I was to do a short 4 miles, and in those 4 miles, run 3 hills all out.  Well, those that have run the cross country trails at Davidson College know that there are 3 (+ a few more) hills right at the beginning, and then it levels out into a nice figure eight type loop where you can repeat for as long as you want before you make the trek back.  My game plan was to get these 3 hills all out and out of the way so I could settle into a nice pace for the remaining 3 miles.  Well.  I ran the hills all out and out of the way, but I never did settle.

I was never able to catch my breath, foaming at the mouth and gasping for air!  Well, there was no actual foam, but I did have to spit.  I couldn't really enjoy the scenery
this was the view AFTER the hills of hell.
goats "hired" to keep the kudzu under control
or watch the goats watch me pass by.  I was cold, I was tired, my ears hurt from the wind and I couldn't catch my breath.

At about at mile 2.5, I wanted to stop.  Who would it hurt?  Who would know?  The answer?  Me.  Then I asked myself. "How in the hell are you going to get through 13.1 miles in April, when you can't get through 4 miles today?"  And then I answered.  "You're going to get through 13.1 because you are going to get through these 4 today."  

So, I put on my big girl panties, picked up the pace and finished my 4.  No more, no less, and I got the hell out of Dodge.  So.  Here I am, alive to run another day.  I made it through.  It's not always easy, but rest assured that it is ALWAYS worth it.  

What makes it worth it?  Today, it was a hot shower, jambalaya and my winnie pooh pajamas.  

Good night Friends.  See you out in the trenches!


Ellen said...

Way to go, Hope!! :-)

Lizz said...

Way to put on your big girl panties! You are inspiring me... you are way ahead of me on this whole running thing!