Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Training Update

It has just occurred to me that I have been talking a lot about a lot of things, except my training for the Flying Pirate.  I did tell you I registered and I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with swimming, but the rest of my posts have been fluffy, and many times, ABOUT my fluffy.  So, as I have just completed my first month of half marathon training, I thought I'd give a visual recap of weeks 1 - 4 in my favorite (and given my artistic ability, only) medium.

Training Week 1

Training Week 2

Training Week 3

Training Week 4

Now, this past Saturday, I'm proud to announce that I have reached another runner's milestone (My first was losing a toe nail.  I did take a picture.  You can thank me later for not sharing.) with my friend, Jyl.

Jyl (wearing Dukie colors) and Me (wearing Davidson red and black!)
in front of our after-run coffee shop, Summit Coffee.
Best base camp EVER.


Amy said...

Love this! And congrats on your 10 miles!

Melanie said...

Wtg Hope! Love the little drawings too! Such an artist! i hate running on the dread-mill too! So I feel your pain! Keep running lady! Go go go!

Anonymous said...

Love the stick person with the muscles. You must add the 11 mile run followed by a 6 mile mountain hike day !