Monday, January 16, 2012

The Challenge: Week 2

So, last week I posted my results for Week 1 of the Do Life Challenge, and printed off the challenge for this past week.  It was chock full of awesome assignments about paying it forward, something that I am ALL about.  LOVE doing stuff for other people!  I was so psyched!  And then......WHAMMO.

We've had a bit of a family emergency this past week. I would rather not divulge into details, I'm sure you understand.  I will say we are all okay and hopefully on the road to brighter days and I hope you will keep sending us positive thoughts our way :-)
So, I was not able to really participate in week 2's challenge or continue my "4 things".   I can revisit a standing challenge and take a look at where I am on my 5 goals for the month:

Pushups: got it up from 15 to 20 in one set.


Lose 5 pounds -
          January 9 - 128.8
          January 2 - 135.4

Keep daily food logs and include estimated caloric intake -
          4 days out of 7 ain't bad ;-)

Clean my house -

Organize my closets -
          see goal above....need to seek therapy before I enter the closets...

Walk my dogs at least once a week with my hubby -
          My poor Dum Dums.  I'm such a bad mom.......But we have been having quality movie time....

So that concludes my update for Week 2.  Thankfully, Week 3 starts and I have a clean slate.  I didn't do too bad on my goals though...I mean, really.  In all honesty, that shower can theoretically be the equivalent of like completing 20 challenges.....


Midassa said...

Congrats on Doing Life this week! Can't wait to read your post next week.

Melanie said...

Here's to a great week, both past and upcoming. You have been so strong this last week! Thinking of you! xxx