Friday, March 16, 2012

So, I had a pretty big night last night.

this is me.  in a dress.
all awkward-like.
don't be scared.
If you know me, you know that I don't like to draw any attention to myself.  Also, if it isn't running attire, blue fuzzy pants, jeans or t-shirts, it doesn't belong on my body.  My hair normally is kept in a pony tail and eyeliner and lipstick very rarely grace this face.  These are things that I am normally very successful and happy in maintaining,  yesterday being the exception.

It all started when I walked into work with my hair done, makeup on, a dress and boots on.  I tried really hard to fly in under the radar, just sitting at my desk hiding behind my monitors.  It didn't work. And then, the blushing only got worse from there when I had to tell people why.  No.  It wasn't an interview as my supervisor feared.  I had a special occasion to attend after work.

You see, I was being inducted into an honor society .....

Not only am I a running fiend, blogger-extraordinaire, wife, step-mom, full-time fundraising researcher; I am also a part-time student attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Go Niner Nation!).   I have been enrolled, five years now?... taking one or two classes each semester.  SLOWLY chipping away at it.  Next semester, I'll be a senior.....for like three more years (sigh).

Through it all, somehow I've kept a decent GPA and was invited to join Alpha Sigma Lambda, an honor society for non-traditional students who are "First in Scholarship and Leadership".

Last night was our induction ceremony.  

And it wasn't until last night that I became kinda proud of what I'm doing.

Yea.  I'm pretty awesome.

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