Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Training, Racing and Drumlines

This past Saturday, I went beyond my normal two-exit radius and ventured into the big city of Charlotte, North Carolina.  You see, I was able to talk some of my co-workers into running with me in the Alston+Bird LLP Corporate Cup 5K and Half Marathon.  Now, we work in the fundraising biz, hence the really cool team name and awesome t-shirts.  May I present to you Team Fund Racers!

I'm the one on the left, looking like she has to pee....

We met at 7:30 am on a beautiful, yet windy, morning among 2,333 runners. We had some folks running the 5k and some running the Half.  After our photo op, we all headed to the start line with our racing faces on.....

 We don't put the "Fun" in Fund Racer for nothing, yo!
Anyway.  I had 12 miles scheduled for Saturday as part of my training.  Seeing that I'm "saving myself" for the Flying Pirate, I decided to run the 5K and run some miles before and after.  Plus, I was really curious as to what kind of time I could put in since my very first race last April, almost one year ago.

I did a 3 mile warm up with Jyl, (you remember Jyl).  She ran the Half as part of her marathon training.  Then, at 8:00 we all started running the streets of Charlotte.  I have never ran with so many people before!  It's good practice though, as the Pirate will have about 4,000 runners and the Boilermaker I'll be running with my family in July has just SOLD OUT, capped at 14,000.  Also, navigating water stops is new territory for me too!  (oops getting off topic...)  So.  Well, plainly said, I set out way too fast!  I didn't think I'd make it the 3 miles....almost puked at mile 1.75.  Somehow I pulled it together and made it through.  Then, when I looked at my watch it said 26:23....my last 5K was 32 minutes.  That's a sub 9 minute pace per mile.  (p.s.  official chip time came in at 26:24)

Booyah, my friends, Boo. Yah.

Now, if you're doing math with me, you'll remember that I had 12 miles to complete.  So, with 6 miles down and 6 miles to go, I decided to head out backwards down the half marathon course to see if I could meet up with Jyl.  After 3 miles down and a nice chat with a police officer, there she was, looking strong!  After a mile or two of chit chat and me spilling Powerade in my shoe, we come to one of the last hills of the course.  And on this hill was a drumline.  Man I LOVE a drumline!  Sexy. As. Hell!  And it is at this point I must issue a public apology to all that had to witness me doing the run/dance combination.  Sorry y'all, I just couldn't resist it!

Thankfully, Jyl resisted her urge to push me down (no, I wouldn't blame her if she did!), and we made it to the finish, Jyl getting a PR too!  Made for a great day!

And now, I leave you with these parting words of wisdom.

If you hear a drumline, you just gotta dance.... even though cute cops will laugh at you.

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