Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear Jyl,

So, I've been trying to come up with a really cool gift or something to send you off on your marathon adventure in Nashville.

At first I was going to give you a get well basket, but your mom took care of that.  Your brother has you all set up on the Boston Red Sox hat and Sam Adams Boston Marathon commemorative beer.  So...what does that leave?  Those are already the most awesomnest of gifts ever...

And then I thought I might get you jewelry.  A pendant more specifically, for you to put on your shoe when you're running that day.  And then all the inscriptions were so....and I'm like, "how dorky is that".  I need to come up with something completely awesome and cool because Jyl has rocked her training, has pulled me through my own, so I need to come up with something great to say "Thanks.  You're awesome.  It's going to be fantastic...."  all those things rolled into one little somethin' somethin'.

And then it hit me.  

Now, what I came up with, I can't actually give you....but I can sure as hell post it:

Even if I'm not "there", remember I'm with you every step of the way.  Imagine me talking nonsense, making you laugh with stories of Darth and other dumb stuff I do.  

Yes, it might hurt.  It might suck at times and if you plan on stopping, just remember what you told me a week or two ago when I didn't know if I could...

Just keep going.

And when you cross that finish line?  Man o man!

Now....go kill it!  And I'll be waiting for you to get back, with a grilled cheese in hand.  

See ya on the flip side,

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Anonymous said...

Ok I'm not an weepy sappy person but that was the coolest nicest thing anyone has done for me! I might print that picture and carry it with me next week!!! And you rocked your training!!!!