Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adventures with Thelma: Episode 1

You remember Thelma, don't you?

Well, we have our first triathlon of the season this coming Saturday.  I wasn't going to talk about it...basically because I've been in denial that it's actually April and it's actually time to do it, which means I'm that much closer to June which means I'm two months away from 70.3 and it is all very scary.

Last summer I did sprints, and this will be my first attempt at the international distance.  The actual distances vary from event to event, but Saturday I will be doing a 1500 yard swim, 27 mile bike and a 10K run.

The swim start times were released on Wednesday and they will be sending us off in pairs in 15 second intervals.  I'm seeded #179....out of 220, paired with a gentleman (whom I'm hoping will be extremely chivalrous and not let anyone pass me) in the 50-54 age group and we will start at 9:26:15.

My Predictions:

  • The water will be cold.
  • I will finish at least 45 minutes behind all my friends.
  • Lori I think will finish in the top 5 in our age group, if not place within it. She is quick in the water and on the run, and getting stronger every day on the bike.  
  • It's completely possible I will be in the bottom 20 finishers.  
  • Mr. van Voo, who is starting 30 seconds behind me, will pass me in the lake within 2 minutes maximum of our start since he's been feeling so aquatic lately...and I have to assume that his brother won't be far behind.  Both men are beasts on the bike and I know Mr. van Voo is a ninja on the run.
  • My navigator on this road trip, we shall call him Mr. C, is a killer on two wheels and will have a strong showing coming into T2, giving him a good advantage on the run.

My Strategy:

  • Don't get pulled out of the lake.  Because that would suck.
  • Lasso the two brothers as they swim by me and ride on into shore.
  • Do my best to ignore all indications of hypothermia.  
  • Don't crash.  Because that would really suck.
  • Look like Thelma and I know what we're doing.
  • Don't die.  Because that would really really suck.  Like...a lot.
  • Keep cuss words and vomit to a minimum on the run.
  • Eat pizza and drink beer after we finish.
  • Celebrate heartily later that evening....after a nap.

And there it is.  
Stay tuned.....


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