Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is that light at the end of the tunnel I see? Or a deleted scene from Poltergeist.....

Here I am.  In the final push of the semester.  Just one more test and a presentation to give.  Most of the hard stuff is done so it should be smooooooth sailing from here on in, right?


The surgery caused me to get so far behind in one of my courses that I literally can hardly see straight.  My professor and her department really have been cooperative, understanding and forgiving with past assignments.  But, the high volume of this class has had me spinning in circles and it's been all I've been able to do to just keep up with current work, let alone trying to get past work in.  I know, I know.  Cry you a river, right?

I do have the paperwork in place to allow for me to complete all coursework due by February 2015. But that doesn't quite work.  I mean, what happens if I fail this class?  I really need to know if I have to fit in a 3rd class next semester to get all my credit hours in to graduate in May.  AND I FULLY INTEND TO GRADUATE IN MAY.

So here is my plan.  Do 1.5 months worth of coursework in 1 week.  And if that doesn't get me a "D", I plan to beg.  And if that doesn't work, I have one final card to play..........

But you HAVE to pass me.  
I lost an organ in this class!

So, what do you think,
too much?

Thank you Chas for the idea.  I might have to use it.

Or maybe I should just lead with that....

So why am I sharing this?  It's not without purpose.

I hereby nominate this excuse to be considered among the 
Top 10 Excuses Professors Hear At The End Of Semester When Final Grades Are Released.