Monday, February 23, 2015

Charlotte 10 Miler

If my morning was any indication of how this race was going to go, I was doomed.
It seemed anything that could go wrong was going wrong.

5 am proved way to early.  I woke up late, choked on my applesauce, the dog wouldn't poo and it was damn cold.  Nonetheless, I made my way to pick up Michelle so we could start the 50 minute drive down to the far side of the city (well beyond my 2-exit bubble) to run a race that neither of us were too keen on.  In fact, we both confessed that we had fleeting thoughts of ditching the race to stay bundled and cozy in our homes instead of freezing body parts off running the streets of south Charlotte.  We both agreed at that moment, racing was a dumb idea.

I can't speak for Michelle, but I was not excited in the least to be running.  I simply just didn't want to.  But somehow, someway, I had to pull myself out of this funk.  And what better way to do that than to grab one of your besties and head out of town for what turned out to be a frigid and hilarious morning adventure full of bad decisions, hanger (hunger + anger = hanger) and Siri's mis-directions?

Michelle gave me a little crap for getting us there a bit early, but in hindsight I think we got there at a perfect time.  Rock star parking, minimal porta potty wait time with just enough time to grab our numbers and go back to the jeep to get a blast of heat (and some giggles) before the race.

After the announcer instructed us that the Start would start at the Start Line (nothing but brilliance in that statement), we got in a nice little warm-up jaunt before taking our spot amongst the 700 runners taking on the Charlotte 10 miler.

I had no race plan.  Good thing Michelle did!  I wasn't sure I could keep up with it, but I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try.  In my mind I thought that if anything, I can pace her for the first few miles so she wouldn't go out like a bat out of hell and then send her on her way.  Turned out to be a great plan and that is exactly what happened.  We ran the first four miles together and I knew she was going to have a great day so I urged her on.  She eventually decided to go on ahead as I watched her pull away around mile 4.5.  I smiled and thought to myself, "you go girl!"  And then I thought "thank goodness because I can't keep going at this pace!" HA!  I lost complete sight of her for about 1.5 miles.  I thought I was slowing down but when I looked at the watch, it told me I was actually running pretty consistent splits.  Huh.  I wasn't expecting that, but I'll take it!  I was running well.  I was working, but not over-working.

Then wait, do mine eyes deceive me?  Is that a familiar black pony tail and orange jacket I see?  Can I really be catching up to her?  Yup.  It took a little more time and a bit more work with some help from her fueling stop, but just before I reached the mile 8 water station, I spotted her slowing to get a drink.  I put some gas in the legs to get close enough to yell at her.  That sweetie pie waited a minute or so for me and we were off again!  We ran the final two miles together for the most part.  She was still ahead of me but close enough to where I'd catch up now and again.  Mile 9 was thee hardest segment of the entire day.  A three tiered hill brought to us directly from Satan.  Just when you thought it was done, it kept going.  Many cuss words were dropped, loudly.  I just couldn't hold them in!

With a mile to go, Chas, The Sockless Runner and Reckless Running ambassador, appeared with a camera in hand.  He also ran the 10 miler, but he's so speedy he had already been done for about 30 minutes and had plenty of time to scope out the perfect spot for this shot.  I wish I could say we planned this pose, but we just come by it naturally....

but we own it.
We were in the home stretch with about a 1/2 mile to go and with Chas running along side keeping us going, er going faster I should say, Michelle pulled ahead to cross the line and I, just about on my last legs and last of my oxygen supply, crossed seconds behind her.

I couldn't believe it when I looked at my time.  Is it really possible that I just ran 10 miles at a faster pace then I did my 15K back in July?  Yup.  I know, right?  Surprised the hell out of me!!!  I guess I am getting some of my speed back.  And to think, I'm just seconds off from my half marathon PR pace and not really in race shape yet.  I hope that happens soon (damn those snack binges....#muststop).

4 weeks to go.  I'm looking at you, Wrightsville Half Marathon.

Let 'er rip!

The numbers?  I don't know if you really want to know them, but here they are just the same for inquiring minds.  There are a lot of speedy people out there!  So, I tend to hover just above the middle

Time: 01:25:44
Ave Pace: 08:34
AG Place: 20th out of 83
Gender Place: 100th out of 423
Overall Race: 241st out of 700

Not too shabby for this 'ol chick.  Absolutely no complaints here.  I'll take it!

This guy!
Photographer Extraordinaire AND he took home an AG award.

Congrats Roberta on your AG win!
Folks, she went on and ran another 10 after this.

Not a bad pic considering we couldn't breathe...

A big "holla" to all the folks we saw on the course.  The most fun was seeing speedy friends, old and new, blasting by.

And a shout out to all my Tri Team Ignite teammates who were there (but most I didn't see because I was hiding in the warmth!).  A good day for the Team, bringing home an AG award in the 10 mile and the men's overall in the 4 mile.  It's going to be a good year!  #ignite

Michelle and I opted NOT to have pancakes, but headed to an Irish pub for fish and chips and a pint. It may have been the best decision we made all day.

And...if you ever get stuck in a parking garage and need out, I'm your girl.
Don't ask.

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