Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Déjà vu?

Sorry folks.  No Words for today.  Apparently the white stuff is going to fly again this evening and all hell is breaking loose.  I haven't watched the news.  So how do I know, you ask?

What's better than a doppler radar to predict the weather in the state of North Carolina?

The sudden spike in sales at your neighborhood-not-so-friendly-Harris-Teeter-turned-war-zone, empty shelves and the carts filled with toilet paper, milk, bread......or in some cases beer, wine and bags of miniature Reese's.

The silver lining?
There were plenty of oranges, apples, dried mango, coconut chips, asparagus, brussel sprouts; and most importantly a limitless supply of dates and almond butter.

.......I think I need to go find the house that went with the cart full of wine and Reese's.

I better go before the town shuts down at 5:01
.......I hope they have heat.

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