Friday, March 27, 2015

Deep Breaths

We are more than half way through the semester and as with each time this moment comes 'round, I once again feel like my life is spiraling out of control, my sanity is in question and my brain is fried.

And like each time before, I am taking a few moments to breathe, reflect, and offer up...

The Top 10 Things I Will Do Once This Misery Is Over

in no particular order
except for the first few...
  1. Party like it's 1999.
  2. Sleep for 100 years.
  3. Tuesday night pub runs.
  4. Finally put away that pile of clothes that I've been staring at and moving between the bed and the dresser top. (because if I put it back on the bed, I will put it away eventually, right?  Theory dis-proven.)
  5. I might finally claim my kitchen from the Christmas decorations that have been stored there since I moved in two years ago...
  6. Have a beach weekend!  I may have mentioned it a time or two that...Dammit I'm over due!
  7. Clean.  My apartment is absolutely gross and I can't take it any longer.
  8. Swim Bike Run 70.3 miles.  Why?  Because it's what I do. And it's awesome. And I get to eat.  A lot.
  9. Go on a REAL vacation.  No racing, just eating, drinking and being merry!
  10. Contemplate grad school.  For like .02 seconds and then laugh until I pee my pants.

There you have it.  
6 more weeks.
Party on, Garth.

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