Monday, March 30, 2015

Two Weeks And Counting

What's in two weeks you ask?

Why it's the first tri of my season!  Belews Lake International brought to you by the stellar crew that is Jones Racing Company (I LOVE these guys!!!).  Am I ready??

not quite.

I haven't run more than three miles in a month, Jasper and I don't like hills and I haven't even hopped in the lake, put on my wetsuit or have swum (swam? gosh who knows #grammarcrapshoot ) any long course.

And I'm having some PTSD flashbacks from last year.  But, I guess I need to start somewhere, right?  I need to remember that I actually can do this stuff.  Sometimes I forget!  And Raleigh is creeping up on me all ninja-like and will be here before you know it.  Cue heart palpitations.

Anyhew.  Time to get my groove on and shoo away all those mental demons!

1500m swim
27 mile bike
6.2 mile run

it will be fun
it will be glorious
and I will eat fried pickles.

"I got 'dis." (mantra poached by my CT classmate and Ironman, RT Rockstar!)

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