Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting Back on Track

So, a bit has happened in the past few weeks.  The hubby and I took off to the west coast.  A couple nights in San Francisco, trekked up north to a creepy town called Arcata and from there drove close to the Oregon border. Then back south to Mountain View and made some great Pano and Google friends.  A whirlwind trip to say the least...AND...I did it all in my boot.  Anyway, if you'd like to see some pictures of where our adventures were, you're welcome to take a look!

I have been sans boot for two weeks now.  The first week I had to reteach myself how to walk.  This past week started a new workout schedule.  I've decided to get some help and enlisted the expertise of triathlete, Kelly Fillnow from Upgrade Lifestyle.  Doctor's orders still insist on no running for two more weeks, but that doesn't mean Kelly is taking it easy on me ;-)  I'll be honest, it feels good to have sore muscles again!  The foot is a little sore and that has me a little nervous, but I'm still "recovering", so we'll see how it goes.

The 5 things I'm most battling are:
1)  getting up early in mornings again.
2)  core exercises.  I still don't have any core, and if I don't have it, how the hell can she expect me to do some of these dang exercises!
3)  avoiding my most favorite foods.  Carbs and Chocolate.
4)  drumming up the courage to do exercises that look really dorky in front of people.
5)  I still don't want to clean my house.  Can I just throw EVERYTHING out and start over?  I need another building just to store all this crap....

(or as Tigger would say, "Ta ta for now!")

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