Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Feet Had Wings...If Only My Lungs Had Air...

Today was my first day running after that stupid little fracture.  What a beautiful morning it was.  I was out of bed and dressed at 7:30, kissed the hubby goodbye and out the door I went.  Destination:  The track at Richardson Stadium at Davidson College.

It was suprisingly busy for a Sunday morning.  I thought I'd have the whole track to myself, which was my intention in case I had a nervous breakdown or something.  Anyway, two 'ol Gents were chatting away as they walked lap after lap, another woman all in white walked like the demon was chasing her and another woman ran a lap and would then do stairs, and repeat. Alot.  I had experienced admiration in between thoughts that she was  insane.  But I digress. 

I laced up my snazzy new shoes, played with my watch to get all the components to work and the sun began to shine.  Very bright.

 And then I was off!  I can't say I ran like the wind.  In fact, if I had to compare, it was more like the doldrums.  The pace was slow (very), but the legs felt strong and the foot/toe hung in there.  I mean it's still attached so that's good.  Today's workout was to be .5 - 1 mile. The legs could go all day; but my lungs decided that they were done after .75.  I hung in there for the mile though.  I didn't break any PRs or the sound barrier or anything, but I'm a happy girl :-)



elpinkaminco said...

You GO, Baby Sister!!! You are my HERO!!!!

Melanie said...

I have the same issue! Legs wanna go..Lungs cant keep up! Sounds Odd but have you tried chewing gum while you run? It helps me to keep my breathing a bit more even.

Hope Amber said...

Hi Melanie!
Actually, that doesn't sound odd at all. I used to use gum, then switched to cough drops. Had a bout with a pesky fracture and was laid up for 3 months. Enough for ALL the bad habits to come back full force (yikes!)