Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A weekend recap and a look ahead

So, this past weekend, I decided to run in a local 4-miler race.  Our local coffee shop, Summit Coffee (best coffee shop EVER), has gathered some sponsors like New Balance and New Belgium Brewing Co and put together a race series this year to benefit local organizations.  Last Friday was the Summit Solstice, benefiting Our Town's Habitat for Humanity.  A challenging course to say the least, with some rolling hills, some serious up and downers getting in and out of the college's cross country trails; and the almost always and infamous uphill finish behind the town green.  Jyl was out of town, so Graham and I braved it on our own, without our fearless leader.

I don't have much to say to recap the race.  It was hot.  It was hard.  It was hilly.  It was cool to run in the company of an Olympian (read local news recap here.  Hubby actually got his picture made enjoying the show.  He's in the top picture, all the way to the left in the orange!).

But the after party with the band Cast Iron Filter, beer from New Belgium (Fat Tire, please!) and the best damn slice of "real" pizza I've had in THREE years, made it all worthwhile.  Here are a couple pics to prove I was there!

quoting gentleman that took the picture:
"Just think - if  4 miles is this much fun - 26 will be awesome."
Funny man, that one.
Me and Graham, after the finish, right before the pizza.

Saturday found me with hubby doing a little hike around Latta Nature Preserve with a packed lunch on the trail by the lake.  The day was followed by an evening adventure into the big city with a nice dinner and KICK ASS bread pudding dessert with apples and caramel and vanilla ice cream.  Shut yo mouth tasty good!  We capped off the evening with a latte of the day (hazelnut, yum) at Summit where the Vel-Crows were playing.  I missed what I like to call the "Hey Baby Rock Me Song", or what normal people call Wagonwheel, but all was good.  I did get to see my buddy, The Sockless Runner, play and sing a few before I had to turn in for my beauty sleep.

Yes.  We. Ate. It. All.
Sunday was group run day where lots of fun, laughs, conversation and coffee post-run were had.  GREAT TIMES!  The only thing missing?  Was Jyl :(

BUT, don't be sad folks, she's back in town after a wonderful trip with her family.  We celebrated by a no-holds-barred sushi bonanza.  It was so off the hook that, of course, I had to take a picture.  Now, don't be jealous, but damn was it good.

So, after the lattes, the sushi....the bread puddings, we are back on track and looking ahead.  In about two and a half weeks, I'll be heading to Central New York to run in my first Boilermaker Road Race 15K with my nephew and sister-in-law.  We designed shirts....It's going to be crazy!

Yet, after last Friday's race, I'm doubting my ability to tackle this 4mile uphill that awaits me at the start of the Boilermaker.  But, slow and steady, healthy happy, right?  We'll get through it.  Somehow we always do, don't we?  The magic of determination and desire always makes you marvel at what you can truly accomplish when you toe up to the line.

I'll let you know how it ends  :)

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