Friday, June 29, 2012


This past Saturday, I was a tad early for my 7:00 a.m. group run.  While I was waiting, I tried to catch up on my Words with Friends games.  I burst out laughing when it showed my opponent's last word played: L-A-Z-Y.  Why did I laugh?  Because I was meeting people at 7 in the morning to run 7 miles, hurry home to load up the Jeep only to go paddle the Dan River for 9 more miles.

This weekend, we are heading to the mountains on a hiking trip (that may or may not produce another post, consider yourself warned), and who knows how many miles they have planned for me then!  But, since I wasn't going to be here this weekend, I had to rearrange my week to get everything in; including all my training workouts.  So, I biked and ran Tuesday morning, biked and swam Wednesday night, and then yesterday, I was out on the roads at 5:30 a.m. to get in an 8 mile run.  A much needed run since it's my last long training run before the Boilermaker next weekend.

What's funny is that I've always considered myself "lazy".  Still do.  I don't always get my housework done.  I don't always get my homework done.  I don't always cross off my to-do's on my daily list.  If you were to ask me why, I would probably say, "I guess I was just lazy."

And then I was talking to a very close and special friend of mine.  Someone who happens to be one of the biggest over-achievers known to the universe, who takes on more than she should but ALWAYS gets it all done to a higher standard than most of us would consider.  She called herself lazy.  Which made me go BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And then it got me thinking.

Folks.  If you're like me, you schedule 70hrs worth of things to do in a day (okay, slight exaggeration but you get my point!)

Just because we don't get everything we "think" should get done in 24 hrs, just because sometimes we opt to do something that we enjoy instead of work that needs to be done, just because we may take a day off from the everyday crap we have to deal with does NOT mean we are lazy.

It means we are human.

It means that we care enough about ourselves to make sure we take the time to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

And the next time you start to use the "L" word....cut yourself some slack!

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