Friday, October 19, 2012

You know it's almost "Go Time" when....

  • you can access the 10-day weather forecast for race day
  • your entire GU supply has disappeared
  • you are counting the hours until your pre-race massage because all of your muscles are on freaking fire
  • it's time to make the carb-load grocery list
  • you have used all your body glide
  • the reminder to pay your life insurance arrives in your mailbox
  • you start making your road trip play list (or rather, have Jyl make it because you are iTunes challenged)
  • your long runs are now 3 or 4 miles
  • you want to eat everything within your reach or sight.....or dream about
  • you have 20 different lists going because you write stuff down as you think of things to do or items to pack, only to forget which list you put it on or where the location of said list is
  • I'd write more but I can't find my list.....

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