Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's all in how ya spin it....

I miss writing.  I do.  Truthfully, I've been at a loss of what on earth I could write about.  I've been happy as a little clam; workin', trainin' and socializin'!  I don't really even have anything sarcastic to say in my own witty way.  So what on earth is a girl to do?

I brought this dilemma up after a somewhat awful long run two weeks ago.  The suggestion was made for me to write about how I bonked.

Gee, thanks.
But he was right.  I did.  And I should write about it.


So, I'm asking myself, "self?  what the hell are you going to do about it?"  Well, I don't quite have the answer to all of it, but I will tell you one thing I need to do....change my damn attitude, that's what!

I won't lie, I've been getting a bit down on myself and frustrated about it.
And then I happened upon a blog post I wrote last year.  I know people say you shouldn't look back, but dammit sometimes you need these little reminders on just how far you've come.

I read that post and I tried to find a run from the same time last year to compare to this year....
I couldn't find one.  Why?  because I'm running longer and sooner that I was last year, training for a marathon that happened around the same time frame.  Hmmm what does that tell me?  I may still be chasing my Boilermaker goal of 1:20, but I came a heck of a lot closer this year than I did last year.  Hmmm what does that tell me?

It tells me that even though I don't feel it right now, the proof is in the pudding that I am getting better, getting stronger and getting faster.

I could keep beating myself up, or I can quit bitchin' and take the lousy along with the awesome days, and use them both to learn from to make me into the best athlete I can be.

It's all in how ya spin it...
There.  You saw it here folks...I just kicked myself in the ass.

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