Thursday, February 8, 2007

And the saga continues.......

It was 9:00 p.m., and I was still in the classroom. My professor obviously didn't realize that the most anticipated night of Wednesday tv was almost upon us. At 9:05, he must have remembered and freed us from our chair and table things I always get stuck in. So, I'm in my car and on my way by 9:15 and make it home at 9:45. Just in time to go potty, change into comfy pants and spoon some cold spaghetti on a plate for supper. And there, with my pillow and blanket, awaited for the time to turn 10:00 p.m. (which is way past my bed time) so I could once again, get LOST!

I wasn't completely impressed, but yet I wasn't completely disappointed either. We got a little peek into Juliet's past, and how she ended up on the island, but how sad is it that she has no idea if she has a niece or nephew, or even if her sister is still alive. I honestly don't blame her for letting Ben live just for the desperate chance to go home. But how crazy is it that you're sitting there watching her tell her ex-husband that her work was a success and then WHAMO - hit by a bus. It's always something, I tell ya! I was having Final Destination flashbacks. I guess that was the Dharma Initiative's "design".

So, Sawyer and Kate escape with their castaway Carl. Jack heroically fixes the ruptured artery and removes Ben's mass from his spine. A happy ending? I guess we'll see!

Tonight is Grey's, and I hope to have another post for you soon, however, I do have to go to Atlanta tonight so I'm not sure if I can once again teach myself how to program a VCR. A happy ending?? I guess we'll see!!!!

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anita "mom" said...

LOST was good, especially the first hour of recaping and catching me up on certain things I missed last season. Sawyer and Kate I'm not so sure about. Poor Jack having to watch the two of them on a monitor. Now Grey is your baby as I never got into this one....remember, I was an INVASION person until they cancelled the show just when the good stuff was going on!