Thursday, February 15, 2007

What the heck???

Is there anyone else in LOST La La Land that is just as confused as me? I thought they promised us answers. All we get is that Desmond has lived this life before and he relives it over without the power to change anything. So, he still looses Penny, still lands on the island, still turns the key. And then we find out our favorite hobbit will soon die. Are they doing a Lord of the Rings 4 and no one tell me? And we still don't know whyDesmond woke up naked after the hatch went caput. I'm sorry, naked men running around in the jungle disturb me. I need some closure....

The highlight of the night for me? Seeing Ed get hit by the bus in last week's episode that reaired at 9:00. CLASSIC JJ ABRAMS!!!

All I have to say is this. The executive branch of LOST has made some serious mistakes this season. This "let's show 6 episodes and let everyone forget about us and then show 16 after a 20 month hiatus" thing just didn't work. Now it looks as though "Michael" has found a new job and may not be back. Now Charlie is going to die, probably because he found a new job too. Why you ask? Because they needed to eat as well during the break and had to go out and find a supplement.

As you may already surmised, this was not my favorite episode. It just confused me more. How did the key make Desmond go "back in time"? And why did he WAKE UP NAKED?????

Oh - Happy St. Valentine's Day everyone
p.s. I got the best present ever!!!

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Lisa (aka Big Sister) said...

Best present ever?!?

Am I gonna be an Aunt again?