Thursday, February 15, 2007

Drowning on Dry Land

Holy Shit.

Can they really do this to us? Can they really take the Grey out of the Anatomy? I still can't see straight, my eyes are blurry from the tears, and my head is starting to hurt. I can't even comment. I can't even be my witty self. Shonda Rhimes, what have you done!!!!!!!!! And how do you expect us to wait until next week. How much more can these interns take? Is there a show with out Meredith? How can this happen. To many questions, to many emotions, and Denny is back. And the cutie pie, Dillon I think his name was, is back. You remember him. He's the one that got blown to smithers from the bomb they extracted from the dude's body cavity. You know, the two episode arc after the Super Bowl last year. They are back. So you know what that means. That Meredith is on her way to those Pearly Gates. Will Denny tell her that there is still work to be done on earth? That she can't leave Derek yet? Or will he hold her hand and introduce her to St Peter? Oh my gosh I can't think straight. I don't know if Derek or Christina can recover from this. Even Addison felt bad, you could tell!!! How will Seattle Grace cope with that loss. Two brilliant Greys. Lost.

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