Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are you sure today isn't Monday?

...because it sure as hell felt like it!

It started with a 5am wake up call to get to the gym to get in my last workout before the race on Saturday. The monsoon was slacking off, but was still raining pretty good so we had to go inside and hit the treadmill. I was still a bit sore from yesterday's spinning deal (worst 35 minutes of my life), I mean whose idea is this cross training thing anyway. So, this morning was a battle just to get 3.1 in and it makes me doubt myself for a good personal performance on Saturday. I'm not going to sugar coat it. It felt like crap. Am I ready for Saturday?? Here's to hopin'.

Then, by 8:00 am I'm in the dentist chair with a screeching drill jammed in my mouth. After a river of drool and a numb mouth, I'm out the door with a temp crown that has be replaced in two weeks (I'm so excited that I get to do that all over again.). I try to make some consultations to find a way to save my plum tree that is about to take a nose dive in my back yard courteousy of the previously mentioned monsoon. I'm on my way to work, without coffee, without cigarettes (today is supposed to be my quit day). I stop at my go-to Exxon that has the best coffee in town....except for this morning. WORST CUP EVER! Now I'm stuck with this stop-smoking herbal tea concoction. Whatever.

I get to work. I log onto my machine like I do every day. Open Outlook and necessary software applications including Pandora. I must work with music. Silence drives me absolutely batty. Then whammo. Pandora....why aren't you working? After a losing battle with Pandora and Grooveshark...I remembered the 'ol stand by: Media Player, it's better than nothing.

So, after suffering through music I thought was cool ten years ago, the day didn't get too much better, but what are you going to do? Here's to a better tomorrow. Cheers!

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