Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First Day of School

Well.  Today was not my very first day of school, but the first day of the first semester of my senior year.  Now, don't get too excited, it will still be many semesters before I graduate.  I'm on the long-term plan.

And, since it is customary to take a picture on your first day of school......

Have I taken a picture of myself on the first day before?  No.  Why now? Why not?

Now...moving on.

Crazy schedule this semester, work, school, homework, and now marathon training.  Cross your fingers that I can pull it off!  I've only had class at night, but night classes are becoming hard to come by; with the decrease in faculty and I've pretty much exhausted all the general ed courses that they teach at night.  So, this is the first semester I've taken classes during the day.

I've been going to college part-time for about five years now, and today was the first day I actually felt like a student. Weird, huh?  I mean, I know I've put in the hours, spent the money on text books, written my share of papers!  But today I was among it all.  All the hustle and bustle, busting my arse to get across campus in 10 minutes for my next class, eating a quick PB&J sandwich under a tree....

Today was a good day.

Now, just remind me of that in a few weeks when I'm stressed out of my gourd...

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