Friday, September 12, 2014

Team Ignite - it might get a 'lil crazy!!

A few (but not all) random thoughts on why I'm excited about next season and being on Team Ignite

The outfit.  Let's be honest, I don't care if your male or female, we ALL love new race clothes and want to look cool and bad ass in our nifty new tri kits.
The gear.  It's cool to be able to say "swimskin" and not have it sound dirty.  Or it will, and we will all laugh.  Or at least I will.  #shenanigans
Time Trials.  Posts have been lighting up about the final night of the CC Time Trial Series and the team did fantastic!  And though the thought scares me to death.......I WANNA!  I want to play with the cool kids next year
Learning.  I'll be training side by side with some unbelievable and awe inspiring triathletes.  What an awesome opportunity to get to know them and learn from them.  #Ishallbeasponge
Speed.  I'm intrigued by the wondrous awesomeness of what is known as race wheels.
Going back to the outfit..... loving the fact that the new kit will match the color scheme that Thelma and I have going on.
New goggles.  Because mine just sprung a leak in the pool yesterday :/
Group activities.  I love being part of group activities!  #shenanigans
Spa days for Thelma.  She loves them and doesn't get them because I'm clueless.  She's dirty.  And noisy and needs attention.  #morelearning #Thelmaisadramaqueen
Potatoes.  Love me some McAlisters.
Strength.  Trading in my little "bb guns" for a couple of sawed off shot guns....
Sink or swim.  My swimming, well it's no secret that it sucks.  So, in order to keep up with my teammates, I will be living at the pool this winter and shall become one with my paddles. #findmylats
Group racing.  Racing with friends is the BEST.
No more separation anxiety.  Since we'll all be wearing the same thing, I will be able to pick out my people in a crowd  #nevergetlostagain

All #shenanigans aside.  I really can't wait to get started.  I feel so privileged to be a part of this team and to work with and get to know Rich and Tonya and my teammates; to be able to do what we love to do, together, and to tell our stories and share this beautiful sport with both athletes and non-athletes alike.  It doesn't matter what your passion is, if you're excited about it, the excitement is contagious and infectious in the most wonderful of ways.

The reason at the top of my list?  I can't wait to unlock my next level of potential and show everyone what I can do.  Why, you ask?

To show you that if I can do it,
So can you.
Light the fire.
Let it burn.
Find your passion.
Get excited.
And be your own kind of awesome.

and always let there be #shenanigans!
(and photo ops)

Cheers to

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