Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rockin' the Schoolhouse Out!

Schoolhouse Rock 10K Recap

This past Saturday, against the smarter voices in my head, I ran the Schoolhouse Rock 10K; another Helfrich Brother's special in the Summit Twilight Racing Series.  I do love these guys, but dang they sure do know how to throw down a beating...and then throw a big party afterward!

With any race in the series, you can count on 2 things.  Heat and Hills.  I missed out on the last beat down  all the fun during the Summit Solstice since I was helping out the timing crew, so I couldn't, in good conscience, miss this one too!  

I had to throw on a couple miles each on in the beginning and end since we were using this race in place of my long run as part of my training for Chicago.  About a half hour before gun time, Michelle and I did what was supposed to be an easy 2 miles for a warm up.  Well, with energies high and lots of chatting, the little 2 mile warm up flew by and before we knew it, it was time to pick our spot at the start line where we met up with Coach Lolo (getting ready to Do the Choo, which is next weekend...GO LOLO!).  

With my new race strategy in place, we started off.  And I think everyone else had the same strategy because it seemed like everyone took off like a bat out of hell.  I was hoping that people would soon realize that they started off to fast and would eventually drop the pace.  Alas, that was not to be!  

Thankfully, the Somewhat Legendary Mr. McGonnell stationed himself with his camera at what turned out to be a very photogenic hill. I know...I didn't know there was such a thing either!  

I mean, LOOK! LOOK AT HOW TALL I AM!  Almost Amazon like...

I like how we are all making the same face here...

Of course, he didn't realize it was me, or he was trying to pretend he didn't know me, either way he almost missed me blazing by....


And then there is the Honey Badger.  

Then again, the Honey Badger always makes this shit look good.

Alright, enough of the photogenic wonders of McGonnell....back to the race.

With a less-hilly front half, my first three miles averaged out to be a sub 8:00 pace.  I tried like the dickens to hold onto that, but that back half of the course is brutal and with three substantial mountains hills that come to memory; Patrick Johnson Lane (a.k.a The Hill That Must Not Be Named), South Street and Spring/Woodland Streets, my pace fell off a bit.  I was able to achieve a personal victory over Patrick Johnson though....(momentary bravado and puffed up chest)  he ain't so tough... 

Bottom line?  I gave each hill my best shot, tried not to puke on the down hills (glad to report I was successful but not without some questionable moments) and used the flats to my advantage.    

51:30 finish time
8:18 pace
A 3 minute PR for yours truly.

38th overall
13th female
4th in a decade big 30-39 Age Group :p 
2 items on AG to note:
        I was the oldest to finish until you hit spot 12! Go me!   
        And if AGs were grouped by 5 years like they are usually, I would have placed 2nd :)    

The whole fam damily had a good night.  Here are some shots at the finish.

Say Congrats!!!
1st in her AG!
Mr. van Voo
as if he needed an introduction
killing the finish!
She's gonna
me = hot sweaty mess

And then we ate weird food truck concoctions, stretched and "hydrated." 

stretching and "hydrating"
And remember.  Racing is ALWAYS better with friends!
Next up?  Run for Green Half Marathon.
This Saturday.
Be there.

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